We want to help you find information and news quickly, especially information that you might not find on regular network channels or magazines.

Industry in general has a lot of power in terms of purchasing ad space from media outlets, and media depends on the ad money from the industry. That basically means that if an advertiser doesn’t like a certain type of news, it will get dropped in a hurry. Example: News that eating meat reduces life expectancy by 20% would not make the headlines if the network has an advertiser selling yummy burgers. Just imagine news that male fertility decreases by eating corn and soy products treated with a herbicide that contains glyphosate (which is basically 90% of corn/soy based foods you eat unless they are organic) would not be welcomed by an industry that is trying to keep GMO labeling of their foods.

Feel free to roam the resources and get into the “Know”. Check out the Web Sites, Articles, the Take Action page and Books we recommend. This list will continue to grow and be updated in a timely manner to keep you current with what’s going with the food you buy and the surrounding politics.



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