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What can $64 Million buy?

I am in the wrong business. I need to become a lobbyist! There is much more money in protecting food manufacturers market share then there is in making an honest living.

The only way I learned to persuade manufacturers is by not putting my food $$$ into their hands. Start buying Non-GMO verfied labeled foods and refuse the rest. This will be the only way you can (hopefully) be sure that your food has not been tampered with. All a manufacturer needs is to lose about 5% of their market share and they will take notice.

I know you care about your family and your food or you wouldn’t be reading this. Hop over to Dr. Mercola’s site and take time to read this article. Scroll to the bottom of the article and take some action. Don’t expect that other people will do it and you don’t need to. Don’t sit on the sidelines on this one. You need to take this into your hands, just like when you decide what school or doctor you or your kid goes to. Add your voice and be heard.

There are already over 9000 ingredients that manufacturers do not have to put on the food label. Adding GMO’s to the hidden ingredients in food is not acceptable. Remember, your shopping $$$ is the best vote you have!




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