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How to keep your produce fresh!

For storing most of my greens I have been using “greenbags” in the refrigerator for the past couple of years, and I can’t tell you the difference it makes in keeping the produce fresh longer. Especially with the cost of organic produce it’s really important to find the best storage technique to keep optimum nutrition besides length of storage. In general we try to use up everything within seven days, or its going in the juicer or blender!

Sometimes people aren’t sure how to store food properly, i.e. never put your onions and potatoes together as their off-gasing will cause each other to ripen much faster, as well as we never put tomatoes in the fridge. I was delighted to find this article by Red Fire Farm about how to keep your produce fresh with tips on what you can freeze right away etc etc.

Read the article here, see how to best store your groceries.

Order Green Bags from here, they will help you maximize your food dollar!


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