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GMA sues state of Vermont over GMO labeling

Go figure, manufacturers do not want you to know what is in your food. Surprised? Why would the Grocery Manufacturers Association  (GMA) want to sue the state of Vermont which recently passed a no-strings-attached GMO labeling bill (H.112).

The GMA is made up of big food manufacturers hiding behind the GMA to push their own political/food agenda and genetically engineered foods. You might be interested in reading this article on Dr. to educate yourself what we as consumers are up against.

However, if you are short on time, look over the list below so you know who’s foods to avoid/boycott to not funnel anymore money to primarily of pesticide producers and junk food manufacturers.

The companies below have been bought up by larger manufacturers as they are realizing the huge profit potential in the organic and natural market. Stop buying from these manufacturers (even if they’re certified organic). You will only support the parent company which is trying to get GMO labeling removed so you don’t know what’s really in your food.

Natural/Organic Brand Owned By/Parent company
IZZE PepsiCo
Naked Juice PepsiCo
Simply Frito-Lay PepsiCo
Starbucks Frappuccino PepsiCo
Honest Tea Coca-Cola
Odwalla Coca-Cola
Gerber Organic Nestle
Sweet Leaf tea Nestle
Boca Burgers Kraft/Mondelez
Green and Black’s Kraft/Mondelez
Cascadian Farm General Mills
Larabar General Mills
Muir Glen General Mills
Alexia ConAgra
Pam organic cooking sprays ConAgra
Bear Naked Kelloggs
Gardenburger Kelloggs
Kashi Kelloggs
Morningstar Farms Kelloggs
Plum Organics Campbells
Wolfgang Puck organic soups Campbells
RW Knudsen Smuckers
Santa Cruz Organic Smuckers
Smuckers Organic Smuckers
Dagoba Hersheys
Earthgrain bread Bimbo Bakeries
Simply Asia McCormick
Thai Kitchen McCormick

Try to find alternate brands. This is important!

Between 2012 and 2014, Monsanto and the GMA have successfully blocked GMO labeling legislation in over 30 states, at a price tag of more than $100 million! These funds were received from the 300+ members of the GMA, which include chemical/pesticide, GE seed, and processed food industries. Let’s not feed that machine anymore.

Say no to GMO’s


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