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Why bother with Organic?

Amazingly, there are still so many folks out there that have no clue about what they are putting into their mouth – daily! Every day I encounter people who think it’s absolutely ok to eat regular commercially available foods and that organic produce and food stuffs is just to expensive and a fad for the affluent.

It is nobodies fault really, we are all busy working, paying bills, taking care of children and family. Who has time to educate themselves about our food sources. It’s in the grocery store and therefore we deem it save to eat. And why shouldn’t we? The thought that the food business is about making $$ versus providing us with quality nutritious food doesn’t seem to enter ones mind. It is not until people themselves or a loved one get seriously sick with a disease when they start to look around and open their mind to possibilities what could be causing the sickness or keeping them sick, allergic, fat or infertil to name a few.

Naturally health magazines and media tell us we need to exercise more, eat less and eat more fruits and vegetables. That is all great, except what if there is a substance in the food and vegetables that is slowly poisoning our bodies? How come the news isn’t talking about the herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified (GM) foods and what effect ingesting these substances have on our bodies? Think about this: The media is sponsored by food and pharmaceutical companies; bringing a report that meat eaten from cows and chickens fed with GM feed carries over to the cells of your body making you sick – slowly – would not make the commercial sponsors of cheap meals happy. Plus the pharmaceutical industry is having a hay day with all the sickness around us. If there was ever a cure for cancer, an entire billion dollar industry would go under.

It’s time to wake up, and wake up those around you. So next time you encounter a person that is ignorant to what is going on in the food supply and why purchasing organic food is so important, suggest that they web search a little using keywords like “milk” and “prostate cancer” or “dairy” and “cancer”. Milk does a body good, right?

That is just one suggestion and a lesser evil if you ask me. What is really hurting us, destroying our environment (drinking water, soil) and our bodies, is the chemicals used to spray fruits and vegetables. Especially Genetically Engineered Organisms (GMOs) that are IN the food and cannot be washed off. Every time you purchase a box that has soy, corn or beet derived additives on the ingredient label, you are most likely eating GMO foods. Even if the box says “Natural” on it.

One of the herbicides used worldwide “Glyphosate” (Roundup used to spray GMO crop) has turned out to be one of the most toxic and devastating chemicals out there. You don’t have to take my word for it, for your reading pleasure I have added some links below. If you have Roundup around your house, you  might just want to get rid of it. Fast. And no, it is not biodegradable like Monsanto would like you to believe. (France sued Monsanto over false labeling). A study done by French researchers (which had to be retracted later due to pressure from the industry) showed that rats fed with Monsanto corn ( NK603 maize) caused cancer in the animals (males and females internal organs) and that by the fourth generation, rats were becoming infertile. Now look at Argentina and their birth defects and human malformations that have developed since the use of glyphosate for their soy fields. Then look at India and the farmers suicides, I remember reading about 130 suicides (by farmers drinking the pesticide that put them into debt) in one specific region while in India in 2006. I didn’t make the connection to Monsanto until later. (The farmers could no longer pay debts or support their family, so this suicide is not the easy way out. Drinking the weed killer is an extremely painful way to die, and the only “honorable” way, drinking the substance that caused their dire circumstance in the first place). Many countries move to ban glyphosate which is still being touted as “safe” by Monsanto. 

Are you still with me? Start doing some research on your own – the time this will take will be less time spent than what you will in doctors offices and on bills in the coming years when you might find out you or your kids have some weird allergy, sickness or who knows what. Countries such as Mexico and Hawai got it right, they already banned GMOs.

If you didn’t bother with the links above, at least read this one here on Dr. Mercola’s web site especially if you or a loved one have been found to have Autism, Allergies, Cancer, Infertility, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, ALS, Depression, MLS, Bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, colitis or Crohn’s. Monsanto and other pharmaceutical businesses are entrenched in our government (read “Food Politics” by Marion Nestle) and it will take a lot of work to get glyphosate out of our food supply.

Bottom Line: Don’t buy foods unless they are labeled 100% organic or non-GMO verified. Very simple. Buy locally from your organic farmer. Your $$ send a message to the  manufacturer. Think you can’t make a difference – well your purchasing dollar does – and your body will thank you for it.

Next time you encounter someone who thinks buying organic is an expensive fad, point them to the web and tell them to do some research instead of sitting on the couch gobbling up the 11 p.m. news like a lemming.


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