organic titusville

Reset your Insulin Receptors!

Hello everybody

We are ready to go! The prices have been updated and the shopping cart will be available until Sunday night 8:00 p.m.

Please note that we have added some items such as organic eggs and dried chipotle peppers. A really good deal are the Green Beans ($2/lb), Red Kale ($1.95/head) and Romanesco Cauliflower (1.80/lb). We also added Green Peppers, Sweet Mini Peppers and other items.

So here is the health tip of the month: Eat more Green Beans & Cinnamon!
One of the primary causes of Diabetes and weight gain are burnt out insulin receptors and leptin (satiety hormone)  resistance. Green Beans are a low glycemic food. If you can lower your blood glucose level then insulin receptors can heal. This will allow your body to produce normal amounts of insulin to help heal diabetes and decrease leptin resistance aiding in weight loss. Cinnamon has been said to help lower blood sugar levels in Type II diabetes. (feel free to do your own research!)

There you have it, your mom was right on! Eat your Green Beans and don’t skimp on the cinnamon.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone,

Cheers, your Organic Elephant Team


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