organic titusville · thank you

Wow & thank you for your support!

Amazing when everyone gets together to get organic produce! What a great community we have, I am just amazed how everyone pitched in to make our first day a success!

As a buying group we have to purchase cases of certain quantities from the wholesaler. That means that we had food way beyond what we actually got ordered by individuals and had the “extra food” table. By the end of the day it was all gone. Wow! (ok, I did find one package of sprouts that got pushed behind some bottles of the fridge, but ok, we can live with that lol).

I am looking forward to putting additional produce on the list for next week to expand our selection. Please be aware that we do have to work with the previous week’s list from the wholesaler, and by the time we call our orders in on Monday, some items we thought we could order are no longer available. However, other food might become available, so that makes for interesting grocery shopping!

Again, thank you everybody (all you organic foodies, you know who you are) and a special thanks to Heather and Robert who are our “working members” that help make all this happen.

Cheers and happy eats!


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